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The subject has two parts: one is theory with some small cases to reinforce the knowledge and the other one is practical. In the second part you are going to formulate a strategy based on of your projects, particularly, the project developed at Project subject.

Both parts will be implemented by using that interface, Wikispace, following a guideline like BSCW platform. The aim to be using that interface instead of BSCW is: 1) research the differences and similarities from both platforms since they are collaborative, virtual and backup of information; and 2) learn to use a new platform that could be useful at your future jobs.

Since the use of this platform is new, I would like to know any problem you have during the process of each one of the parts (theoretical and practice). Below there are two forums. One is to introduce yourself and the oder one could be used to discuss the different problems or suggestions you are having during the course.

Let's start the course through Schedule of the subject and the guide that I had provided.
Thanks a lot!Silvia

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